The Bureaucracy of Care

By Coco Picard

Coco Picard is the author of the novel, The Healing Circle, which tells the story of a mother who abandons her family in California to pursue a miracle cure in Munich. Once she gets there however, she wonders if she might have already died. Bedridden with a terminal diagnosis, memories, nurses, immoral doctors, foreign television broadcasts, and phone calls from children intrude upon her consciousness. An aloe plant called Madame Blavatsky is her primary companion.

Below, Coco shares a comic on women’s health, healing crystals, and her mom’s battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

A comic with three drawings of healing crystals and captions about the author’s mother being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and how many Americans are considered uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions.
A cartoon strip with 4 crystals talking about how the author’s mother wrote to celebrities for autographs and to insurance companies for help
A comic with drawings of two healing crystals and captions about the author’s family’s health issues and how one insurance company said they would forgive her mother 50% of her treatment

Grab a copy of The Healing Circle and support an independent bookstore while doing so here.



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